A Powerful Time for Clearing and Change!

How have you been feeling, this past week or so? Not quite yourself? A little out of sorts? Take the poll below and see if any of this resonates for you – you might not have felt like this continuously (indeed, I hope you haven’t!), but if anything sounds familiar then tick the box!

Maybe you’ve noticed some of the events unfolding in this last week or so, including major solar flares, big full moon, and the discovery of what’s known as the god-particle.

We’re in the middle of incredible energetic flux right now. Sensitive souls will really be feeling it – but you signed up for this, so it’s time to start using this powerful energy of shift to create change. After all, isn’t that what 2012 is all about?

Over the next few months we have an incredible Universal Energy assisting us to  deal with clearing family patterns, ancestral patterns and our own patterns of thought, behaviour – even generational medical conditions that no longer serve us.

By working on your own patterns and emotions you will also be contributing to clearing them for your family line – both above (mothers, fathers, grandparents, great-grandparents etc) and below you (children, grandchildren etc).

You can do this yourself through prayer and meditation, reiki and other modalities you are comfortable with, but it’s also a great idea to seek out skilled healers and practitioners to assist you with your clearing and healing.  These might include natural health care providers, doctors, psychologists, counsellors, body workers and massage therapists, spiritual healers and intuitive and psychic counsellors or whatever else you are drawn to.  Remember that many souls have incarnated at this time expressly to help with this great change and unfolding.  You might well be one of them!

I know the energy might not feel all that great while we’re going through these shifts, but trust that the outcomes will be positive. Hold an intention for the Highest Good, for yourself and others.

What else can you do right now?

Crystals will be a great addition to your toolkit. (Some information on how to work with crystals here.)  Black tourmaline, snowflake obsidian and jasper will help keep you grounded. Citrine and turquoise will clear your head. Rose quartz will nourish your heart. Carnelian, Bloodstone and Hematite will strengthen and protect your physical body. Amethyst, clear quartz, sugalite and charoite will help with psychic connection.

Spend some time in nature. Our planet has a great capacity to nurture, ground and heal us. Unplug from the digital world for a while, and reconnect with your humanity.

Avoid toxic people and situations. (More on this in tomorrow’s blog!)

Honour your sensitivity. (Info on How to live as a Sensitive Soul here)

This is also a great time for an outpouring of creativity, for sudden clarity about your direction with career and relationships. Don’t be surprised to find that as things clear, life starts to rocket ahead for you in all sorts of wonderful ways, enhanced with much synchronicity and beautiful new connections.

I’ve also recorded a short Guided Meditation to help with this time.  All you need to do is find somewhere to sit or lie quietly for seven minutes, and then just follow my voice.

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for healing old patterns

Allow yourself to feel a bit excited… It’s an amazing time we’re living in. Bless ♥

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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33 thoughts on “A Powerful Time for Clearing and Change!

  1. This is super interesting! I never knew . .

    It is kind of nice to be able to blame the universe for my not being more productive. Darn you, Universe! (insert fist-shaking at the sky here)

  2. Oh thankyou Nicole, I think out of all the meditations you’ve given us this ones helped me the most.. Your generosity is enormous and means so much to me. Love muchly xx kellie <3

  3. Your timing is perfect as always Nicole. Last night I went to sleep at 7PM! Your post offers so many useful tips and comforting explanations. I feel like I can be more gentle with myself after reading your thoughtful words. Thank you so much. Big hug-Julie

  4. Hi Nicole – had to google you to find your blog as I am still having WP notification issues – great post as usual but even more timely today for me so many thanks. Juliex

  5. Excellent timing and appreciate the heads-up to redouble efforts to heal and clear in order to bring in the new – YAY!!! Thank you Nicole! You’re tremendously terrific… :)))

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been wondering the past couple days what is going on, my energy so up and down. I did the guided meditation you offered, and it felt so good. I keep reminding that myself that yes, I signed on for this. And what an exciting time to be here, and participate in the shift to the higher energies. Your blog is a constant support for me during this time, especially during the more “difficult” times – but I am learning and growing from all of it, pleasant and unpleasant.

    1. Hang in there, Kathy, it will get easier. I sometimes ask myself, Nicole – what were you thinking when you signed up for this? But in all honesty, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. We live in amazing times. Bless xx

    2. Thanks for your words of support Nicole. Today is a day of sunshine, both outside and inside of me. And in looking at the journaling exercise from the past few days, I can see a shift in me through that, from very ego based words at the start to focusing much more on connecting with others – and that shift feels so good!! Blessings to you-

  7. Your blog has been my therapy Nicole. And I must say that the food for thought as well as those tasty recipes have been extremely nourishing and nurturing. Big love bubble to you and yours from us here in Mullum. May the force be with you 

  8. Well, this is good to know. I thought I was just generally dying ! I’ve been going thru a huge clearing. not particularly enjoying it 🙂 thanks for the perspective check. Blessings. Christine

  9. Thanks Nicole, as ever spot on the mark. I’d love to now where I can find some really good crystals. I have a few (well quite a few) but I feel drawn to getting some more so your references to using them resonates vey well. Any suggestions? Always great to read your blogs Nicole. Blessing. x

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